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Daily Devotionals

Learn how DASCO and SendWare can automatically send daily emails out to subscribed constituents.


webware and webgui


WebWare and WebGUI are proven tools that help you optimize the effectiveness of your website. You can build, maintain and fully host your website through donor.com's WebGUI content management framework. This technology provides a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing web-based content.


When you combine WebGUI website hosting with WebWare-powered interaction with your DASCO database, your donors get online real-time interaction with their accounts through your website. WebWare's live interaction with your central DASCO database allows you to tailor content for each donor, creating a personalized web experience, and higher revenue. Find out more below.

NOTE: WebWare includes 2 GB of data transfer (bandwidth) and 1 GB of storage per month.  See your fee generator for other costs.




Website Fundraising with Self-Service Account Interaction for Donors

# WebWare allows donors who visit your website to have real-time self-service interaction with their accounts. Since WebWare interacts with the live DASCO database, each donor’s experience can be tailored, creating a personalized web experience, and higher revenue. WebWare’s flexible interface allows donors to "login" to a website that interacts directly (and securely) with the donor.com system. Donors can make credit card donations, change their address, select their communication preference settings for mail, email and phone contact, complete a survey, or request materials.

# Leverage the power of the web with real-time integration of online donations, sponsorships, pledges, sales and conference registrations.

Real-time website e-commerce # The web-interface includes a full e-commerce shopping cart that interacts with a full function inventory and sales system – allowing existing fulfillment processes to receive web orders the same as operator-entered orders.
# Call center operators can see orders the moment they are submitted, greatly enhancing their ability to respond to donor questions.
# Donors can track the fulfillment of their orders, including jumping to UPS or FEDEX websites to track shipments.
# Tailoring of each donor’s experience, creating a personalized web experience, and higher revenue.
# Real-time integration of online donations, sponsorships, pledges, and conference registrations.
# All e-commerce transactions handled by donor.com’s financial gateway services.
BankWare Integration Allows financial transactions to process through Verisign.
Personalized Online E-giving that directly interacts with donor accounts donor.com WebWare allows donors to give online. They can choose from a
list of projects, or be linked from another part of your site to give
to a specific project, or even search through a list of projects to
find the one that interests them. Once a project has been selected,
they can optionally be presented with giving amount options based on
their giving patterns – asking one donor for $25 while asking another
for $100 – all based on live, real data. Further, they can optionally
see their giving history, seeing the projects they’ve given to before,
and potentially even viewing a report on how their gift was used – all
with the option to give again. The credit card transactions for these
donations are automatically handled by donor.com BankWare.
Online Giving History Allows a person to access their donation history, regardless of whether the gifts came through the Internet, direct mail or your call center.
Full Online E-commerce     * E-commerce including online sales and inventory control, online stores, online shopping carts and online automated credit card services
    * Many organizations also offer product: books, videos, clothing, or other items associated with the organization. donor.com WebWare has fully integrated e-commerce with donor.com SAFARI. Customers can search for products, purchase, and track their shipment, all using live data. Business rules like shipping and handling charges, sales prices, and taxation jurisdictions are all centrally managed – ensuring accurate data, regardless of whether an order comes in from the web, the call center or direct mail. E-commerce credit card payments are automatically handled by donor.com BankWare’s integration with Verisign Payflow Pro.
Online Order History Allows the user to display a history of orders placed regardless of the order being placed via the Internet, direct mail or call center.
Online Sponsorship and Pledge Management # WebWare allows donors to choose a child, person or project to sponsor, and then automatically links the donor to that child, person or project. Donors can then make donations to their sponsorship account online, or through any other means such as direct mail or telephone.
# If your organization uses pledges, WebWare allows donors to create a pledge, or view and update an existing pledge. They can track their donations to the pledge and how far they are paid through. They can make an immediate credit card donation towards their pledge, or even sign up for a recurring credit card donation to automatically fulfill their pledge each month.
# When a child is selected to be sponsored on the web, all the necessary work to add the sponsor and the sponsor/pledge relationship is automatically and immediately done to the donor.com database. Through WebWare, this sponsorship feature provides a page that allows potential sponsors to select children based on country, age range and gender. A page will be displayed that shows one or more (configurable) candidate children. When multiple children are displayed the visitor can choose to see a page that shows more information about the child or choose to see additional children that matched the criteria or go back to the selection page to select other children with different criteria. When a person chooses to sponsor a child, the child is put into the equivalent of a virtual shopping cart and made unavailable to other visitors to the website. A check is also done to verify that an earlier visitor has not already sponsored this child. When a sponsorship is finalized the sponsor provides their name and address information as well as credit card information using the standard features of WebWare, configured for child sponsorship.
Interactive live account maintenance WebWare allows each donor to manage their own account – securely
updating their mailing address, contact information, and their
communication preferences. All changes are immediate – and previous
addresses are automatically logged as part of the data audit trail.
Event Registrations WebWare allows your organization to sell or track registrations to your
conferences or events. Integrating with donor.com SAFARI, you can
effectively track your conference capacity, manage sales tax if
applicable, and fulfill conference information kits like other
inventory stock codes.
SendWare Email Integration Allows a user to sign up for auto lists and set email preferences from WebWare.




Website Hosting, Content Management,and Real-Time Account Interaction for Donors • WebGUI Website Hosting, combined with WebWare live interaction to your DASCO database, provides your donors with online real-time interaction with their accounts through your website. And since WebWare interacts with the live DASCO database, each donor’s experience can be tailored, creating a personalized web experience, and higher revenue.
• You can build, maintain and fully host your website through WebGUI's content management framework based on Plainblack technology (www.plainblack.com). This technology provides flexible and user-friendly solutions for managing web-based content that allow average users to build and maintain complex web sites.
Centralized Look and Feel for Websites • Organizations can control the look and feel of their overall website while allowing users to maintain content.
DASCO Integration • Information originating in DASCO or other donor.com databases can be
placed on your website, providing opportunities to display data to a
donor visiting your site.
Distributed Authoring • Users can manage web-based content without disrupting the overall
look and feel of an organizational website. This can free Web engineers
from maintenance tasks.
Human Interest Story Repository • Content can be personalized to the donor who accesses the site,
drawing from a repository of information. A repository of human
interest ministry stories could be matched with certain types of
donors. These stories could then be displayed when the donor visits the
Session, security and connectivity management • WebGUI Website Hosting is modular, pluggable, and platform
independent, and also handles database connectivity, session
management, and security tasks (potentially replacing Application
Wobject configurability • When a "wobject" is built in WebGUI, a reusable application object is
created that can be reused over and over on different portions of a
website. For example, once a message board application is built, you
can have message boards on many different parts of the site. On most
systems, you would have to redirect the user to the "message board
section" of the site.
Dynamic Personalization • a personalization / aggregation system is included, allowing for a
repository of content (articles, polls, etc) that are categorized
according to user-defined codes. By knowing someone's Web Profile from
a nightly data download, one can start populating the home page (or any
page) with content from the repository that was tailored to the donor's
interests. For example, you could present a poll tailored for
Californians for those who live in California, while presenting a
giving report based on the designation code of their last donation, or
showing major donors different content than non-donors.


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