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For ministries offering premiums or products for sale, and needing inventory control and accounts receivables management, SAFARI is the appropriate tool.



Comprehensive Sales and Inventory Management • SAFARI (Sales Analysis and Fulfillment, Accounts Receivable,
Inventory) provides for order entry, payment processing, inventory
management, order fulfillment, backordering, and accounts receivable
aging. For organizations offering premiums or products for sale, SAFARI
is the appropriate complement to DASCO.
SAFARI Full Inventory Control • SAFARI supports full inventory control, allowing you to track reorder
levels, perform cycle counts, and track inventory residing in multiple
warehouses. Past inventory usage patterns help you to forecast future
inventory needs.
Full WebWare e-commerce Integration • SAFARI integrates with donor.com WebWare, meaning you can have full online web-based e-commerce.
Integration with Call Center and Fulfillment Services • SAFARI also allows you to outsource call center and fulfillment
functions while retaining control of your inventory data. Because of
this high level of integration, you can maintain business rules (like
sale prices and sale dates, shipping rates, and product availability)
in one place and have them automatically enforced through all channels
-- web, phone, mail, or internally.
SAFARI Compatibility with General Ledger systems • Whether it is tracking the Fair Market Value of premiums on receipts,
having full control over inventory GL transactions, or ensuring tax
compliance with up to four levels of jurisdiction, SAFARI can
effectively integrate with your organization's General Ledger software,
without forcing your accounting department to change. SAFARI provides a
full accounting audit trail for product sales, changes to inventory,
and accounts receivable.
Shipping and Delivery Tracking • SAFARI can also integrate with your shipping software (like FedEx
Powership), saving you from re-keying data for air bills. In turn, data
from your shipping software (like the tracking number) can be imported
back into SAFARI, making that information available to the customer
directly over the web, or via your call center operators.
Efficient Order Entry and Inventory Control • Order entry supports multiple order types (retail, premium, staff, conference, etc), each with their own tax, shipping, and discount rules. System holds up to 99 items per order. Order motivation is tracked. Supports shipment to a 3rd party. Fully integrates with payment processing.
• Inventory systems are fully integrated with the donor systems for tracking and accounting
• Order entry is done from the same screen and can be done at the same time as regular donations, and is accessible from the main name screen
• Inventory levels are checked at the time of data entry to allow or disallow back orders
• The system allows packing lists and labels to be printed in a remote warehouse at close of day
• Warehouse backorders can be entered during the completion of the fulfillment process
• Orders can be held until a desired shipping quantity is reached for shipping discounts
• Tracks FIFO, LIFO, average and standard costs, plus re-order levels, and fair market values
• Inventory location is recorded as row and bin numbers
• The system allows a “packet"? of products to be bundled and new item codes attached while leaving the components in the original location
• Inventory can be put on “reserve"? for conferences, and only the amount sold is recorded in the system
• Items can be looked up by author, title, type (tape, book), inventory code or subject
• Inventory valuations can be done on the entire inventory or on selected categories
• Selects can be run on the product sold or shipped to identify potential donors
• Overpayments can be credited to the donor as a donation and receipted at the time the order is entered
Alert for Past Orders of an Item • Used especially for free or limited product offers where you may want
to be aware that the customer has ordered this product in the past.
Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis • Over 50 reports are standard including sales by motivation, by item,
by day, by dollar size of order, by margin, by stock code, by category,
plus shipping hold summary, sales tax collection by entity, year end
order audit, cost of goods sold by item and issued coupons (refund)
Manage Controversial Items • Prevent shipping an item to 3rd party at the request of another. Used
especially if the material might be perceived as "controversial" or "offensive" to another.
Credit Card/Backorder Features • Delay charging one’s credit card for items that will be on backorder more than x days.
Discounts for Pledgers • Pledge partners can automatically be given discounts for product orders.
Fair Market Value Tracking • When used in conjunction with gift processing, this feature passes
the FMV of premiums to the receipting process for proper documentation.
Hold Items • Flag certain stock items to NOT be shipped until released. This is
valuable by waiting until there is sufficient quantity to ship to take
advantage of postal discounts or other efficiencies.
Multiple Prices Feature • Supports having different pricing structures for different ordering
scenarios, such as regular retail price, staff price, conference
prices, and sale price (with sale start/stop dates).
Multiple Printed Outputs • Print packing slips, shipping labels, and invoices with ease.
Multiple Warehouse • If your inventory is warehoused in multiple locations, this feature
tracks the quantity on hand for each location. Supports inter-warehouse
transfers and receiving inventory to a "receiving dock".
Make Notes on Orders • Allows customer service rep to type short free-form notes to be printed on the packing slip or invoice.
Operator Messages • Set up special messages that "pop up" for the customer service rep
when certain products are included in an order. Examples: "Check size
and color" or "Let customer know item will be discontinued".
Order Discounts • Discounts can be applied against the order total as a percentage or a fixed dollar amount (e.g. "10% discount").
Packets • Bundle several items into a packet for sale as a set. Inventory
system allows you to specify which items belong to a "packet" and how
many of each item are included. Example: 5 study guides; 1 leader’s
guide and 1 video.
Reorder Advice • Inventory manager can be alerted when the quantity on hand is reaching low levels (which is specified for each stock code).
Reserved Inventory • "Save" some of your inventory for future use, ensuring that it is not used to fill a customer order.
Manage Royalties • Calculate royalties to authors based on gross sales, profits or a flat fee
Value Based Shipping Calculations • Charge shipping based on dollar amount of order. Can have different
tables for different ship methods (e.g. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc).
Weight Based Shipping Calculations • Base shipping charges on weight of the order. Establish different tables for different shipping methods.
Special Orders • Flag some items as non-inventoried items that are special ordered or
produced on demand. No need to maintain quantity on hand. Items are
never backordered.
Tax Calculations • SAFARI supports taxes by State as well as 3 zip-code based levels
(e.g. county, city, municipality). Certain categories of inventory can
be marked as taxable vs non-taxable by State (e.g. Florida charges no
sales on clothing).


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