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Daily Devotionals

Learn how DASCO and SendWare can automatically send daily emails out to subscribed constituents.





Web-Based Reporting and Analysis • Running within a browser with nothing to install, donor.com's CrystalClear Reporting provides ministries with interactive, drill-down, web-based reporting that can be saved in PDF, Excel or RTF formats.
• ReportWare’s report production and delivery systems provide access to critical strategic information, the power to maximize the value of the data, and the tools to solve problems and achieve long-range marketing goals.
• Reports are available any time, any day, and can be accessed and run by anyone following basic training.
• With the relational database and tools provided by donor.com, reporting is virtually unlimited. If the information exists in the system, a report can generally be generated to show it.
Scheduled Reports • Crystal Clear has an extensive scheduling engine, allowing for reports to be run at any scheduled time. Recurring reports are also
possible, and output can be emailed to multiple recipients.
User-Friendly Interface • Through a user-friendly web interface, Custom Reports can be created with the free CrystalClear report designer for deployment on donor.com’s servers.
Support for Multiple Formats • CystalClear reporting supports interactive Java Client, PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML and XML formats.
Import “Crystal Reports" Templates • The report designer is cross-platform and imports Crystal Reports templates.
Online Storage and Bandwidth Provided • up to one hundred megabytes (100 MB) of template storage
• access to download CrystalClear Designer for desktop use (cross-platform Java applet)
• up to one gigabyte (1 GB) transferred bandwidth
• Surcharges apply for additional transferred bandwidth and storage
Drill-Down Reports ReportWare allows for extensive drill-down capability.
Graphing • ReportWare utilizes all of the capabilities of "Crystal" graphing tools.


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