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Remittance Processing

Read how you can integrate with 3rd-party scanning and remittance processing systems.





Donor Relationship Management • With 30 years of business logic built-in, DASCO is an interactive, multi-user system in its 21st Release designed to provide non-profit organizations with effective donor communication, personalized receipting, efficient donor accounting and constructive analysis of fund-raising efforts.

• DASCO provides virtually limitless profiling of donors: special lists, flags, supplemental, "turbo" profiling all allow you to not only track a donor's profile, but to communicate with them according to their interests and preferences.

• DASCO supports multiple roles per individual (such as volunteer, sponsor, donor, media contact); child sponsorship; matching funds; memorial gift management; planned giving; major gifts; grant tracking; volunteer management; contact management with notes and automated tickler reminders; campaign management; and much more.

• The system maintains summarized and detailed donation history (pledge, giving clubs, etc.), demographic data, and other "user defined" information. DASCO is well known for its strong select and direct mail segmentation capability, extensive receipt segmentation capability, and more than 200 standard reports.
Comprehensive Pledge Management • Renew, retain history of, or make changes to any pledge without losing the historical paid-through information.
• Change pledge designation or child id without creating a new pledge.
• Pledges can exists over a large span of time with several different children assigned to it.
• various pledge types provide true quarterly, annual and other frequency pledges
• Calculate a Paid-Through for all pledges, based on Pledged Amount, Start Date, Stop Date and Paid Amount.
• Facilitate orderly processing of pledge statements by adding a statement cycle code that can be used to control when statements or reminders will be sent.
• Support for third party or "reference" pledges. Identify an individual (besides the donor) who should receive correspondence about the pledge. Let Grandma make a pledge on behalf of her grandson. Or a business make (and pay) a pledge on behalf of the owner.
Child or Missionary Sponsorship System • Utilize a proven sponsorship system to manage your child or
missionary sponsorship program. Increase revenue, streamline operations
and provide a personalized giving experience for donors.
Extensive Donation Tracking • DASCO allows for extensive donation tracking, allowing you to track
designation (the project or fund the donor is giving towards), as well
as motivation (the reason the donor is responding). donor.com
ReportWare uses this information to track response rates, return on
investment, and much more management information. The system tracks
multiple types of dollars (donations, payments, gifts-in-kind,
reference gifts), and can map dollars through to appropriate General
Ledger Accounts in your accounting software.
Full Credit Card Integration • By using donor.com's BankWare, DASCO also offers Credit Card
integration -- allowing batch mode or real-time charging -- all with
integrated reconciliation tools. It can also facilitate recurring
donations, either via EFT or credit card.
Prospects Feature to Manage Acquisition Campaigns

For mailing large volumes of acquisition pieces from prospecting files, DASCO will:
• Manage large prospect name volumes without increasing your contracted database management fees
• Streamline acquisition response processing by automating the "add new name" process
• Improve quality of the name/address entry by pulling it directly from your vendor’s mailing list instead of typing them in manually
• Add special Flag fields, Special Lists, Income Center, or other fields as needed by your business rules
• Check for duplicates before adding names
• Tally stats for the prospect names by motivation
• Purge prospects file when you think you have received all the responses you expect 

Receipt Segmentation Target receipt packages and thank you letters to donors based on amount of giving, first time donors, project vs staff designations, motivation, etc. Over 50 criteria available in combination. Many organizations can see up to 50% of their annual income through their receipting strategy. donor.com's DASCO System uses a rule-based selection of the appropriate receipt for each donor. These rules can be based on virtually anything -- gift details, yearly giving patterns, demographics, or even VIP relationships. A day’s receipts can be segmented into as many as 300 groups on 50 criteria. Criteria could be based on:

• gifts receipted that day
• recent donor giving patterns
• demographic codes associated with the donor
• different thank you letters relating directly to the purpose for which the gift was given
• closed face vs. open face envelopes
• large gifts to be routed to the CEO for a personal note or signature

Receipt Segmentation also correctly handles Fair Market Value issues for premium-motivated donations. Also, donor.com uses a custom Rich Text Format (RTF) merge engine -- allowing you to use MS Word to maintain and print your receipts. You can use all the fonts and layout control like any other Word document -- even use custom Signature Fonts.
Selecting and Segmenting Tools DASCO allows you to target the right people with the right message. Using reusable Select Models, you can identify your audience using any criteria:

• giving history
• demographics
• geographic information including ZIP Radius
• product purchase history
• virtually anything you know about your donors

Custom Output Formats allow you to include any of the information in your output files, allowing for high levels of meaningful personalization. Select files can be used for many purposes:

• labels or envelopes
• as input to a report or another select model
• sent to the word processing system for merging with text
• to generate tapes or files for outside vendors
• to be used in data entry to research or for correspondence
• can be used to create “mass change"? on your database

These Select Models can also be grouped or daisy-chained together to handle the most complex strategies. Selected names can be placed in priority sequence.
Financial Controls Written from the ground up to ensure tight financial controls, DASCO provides tight integration with your existing General Ledger software.

• All dollar entry is done in batch mode
• Each batch must balance to the day before the day can be closed
• Reports are printed at close of day
• When the day is closed, financial data can be transmitted to the finance department
• All dollar entries are associated with a general ledger account number of your choice

By using donor.com BankWare, you can also have tight integration for credit card processing and ACH transfers.
Integrated Systems and Data DASCO is tightly integrated with its companion business modules: SAFARI and SUBSCO. SAFARI provides full product sales, inventory control and accounts receivable capabilities. SUBSCO provides paid subscription management allowing renewals and gift subscriptions.

DASCO also integrates with all of donor.com's interface modules:

• donor.com BankWare (financial gateway services for credit card, ACH & EFT giving)
• donor.com ContentWare (content management solution)
• donor.com ReportWare (reporting and data analysis tools)
• donor.com SendWare (personalized bulk email services)
• donor.com WebWare (donor-driven interactive websites)
Data Entry Efficiency Single Screen Name Editing. Access everything about a donor's account in one place:

• Make all data changes on the main screen, including any gift or payment information
• Check potential duplicates at initial data entry
• Combine two names simply and quickly
• Input is done in lower case and capitalized automatically
• Zip Codes automatically enter city and state

Easy Name Access. Accessing a name is quick and easy with the following methods:

• Unique ID assigned automatically by the system
• Zip code or partial Zip code
• Last name and a Zip code range
• Phone number or area code
• Special lists or previously selected files
High Speed Procedures • Enables the organization to build streamlined data entry screens for
specific data entry situations, increasing both efficiency and
accuracy. Special purpose data entry screens can be designed so that
repetitive code values can be “locked in"? or preset to specific values
Additional Data Fields • Virtually unlimited “user-defined"? data elements are provided
through a feature called Supplemental Records where you can store
information unique to your organization. All information stored in
these fields can be selected on through our Select program.
Personalization and Name Handling • The system provides powerful and flexible ways of personalizing any name. For example, the system captures the first names of the husband and wife. This allows you to address the husband or wife individually while keeping the data on the record for them as a couple. You can address them formally (with titles), or informally.

• The system allows for special name formats in Special Lists. For the President's list of donors or other special groups, you can address them with a familiar greeting.
ADI / ZIP-Related Codes • Ability to set fields based on zip code for assigning donor to some kind of geographic category. 
If representatives are assigned geographically, investigate auto-assigning a rep to an account based on Zip codes.
Alternate Dollar Summary • Set up calculations for displaying a summary of constituent giving
based on fiscal year (in addition to the standard calendar year).
And/or summarize giving to direct mail appeals vs web site (ie
Area Code Updates • Keep current with area code changes. Similar to NCOA. Minimal 3rd Party Fees may apply.
Calendarized Addresses • Allows for tracking seasonal address changes or moves for donors who have multiple homes.
Change Log • Provides the ability to audit changes to your donor database, e.g.
who changed the phone number, date/time it was changed, and what it was
before the change.
Custom Help Screens • Ability to take the default “help"? screens and modify or replace them with organization-specific content.
Custom Output Files • This feature allows us to create data files for mailing vendors with
the data fields required. Can also be used to create data files for
reports or other mail merge applications.
Customized Ask Amounts • Generate “ask"? amounts based on last, largest, or other gift amount using multiplication factors and rounding.
• Gift arrays ("ask" trees) would be highly customized to the recipients’ prior giving.
Data Level Security • Restrict operators to what fields they can see or
change on the donor screen, as well as what functions or reports they
have access to use.
Donor Performance Index (DPI) Report • A “big picture"? report on fund raising
strategies. Shows 5-year trends for New, Regained, First Year
Continuing and Multi-Year Continuing Donors.
Duplicate Detection The system incorporates NCOA integration and basic address element validation.

• All new names are checked at data entry time
• The parameters for duplicate checking are user defined
• The system allows the user to look at a list of possible matches and make a choice
• Two names can be merged into one while saving the records of both

Primary Duplicate Detection: Warns the operator of possible duplicates any time a name is added or a name or address is changed.

Secondary Duplicate Detection: A more comprehensive duplicate checking algorithm for occasional database review and cleanup. Based on elements of the street address.
GIK/Reference Dollars • Ability to post gifts in kind (non-cash gifts) or reference gifts (soft credits) without impacting cash deposits or cash totals.

• Reference dollars can aid Fundraising and Development to properly target indirect donors.
General Ledger (GL) Tracking • General Ledger codes are generated using a designation, motivation,
and type of dollar (donation, non-deductible, GIK, etc) algorithm.
There is an optional table of valid results for error checking.
Income Center Tracking • Ability to assign each donation to an “income center"?, basically
identifying the department or program that “owns"? the name. Used
largely for crediting Major Donor Reps with all gifts raised from
donors on their caseload.
Response Letters • Basic form letters that can be used to respond to recurring questions
or repetitive scenarios. Letter examples include pledge
acknowledgements, requests for information, nsf checks or credit cards
followup, etc.
Letter Processing • Personalized form letters downloaded for immediate printing and/or
additional personalization. A step above "Response Letters".


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