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Daily Devotionals

Learn how DASCO and SendWare can automatically send daily emails out to subscribed constituents.





Flexible Cycles • While Monthly donations are the most common, Annual and Quarterly
donations are allowed as well, and other cycles can be created.
Credit card and ACH/EFT transaction gateway services • link into one of our supported processing gateways and charge credit card transactions either in real-time or in batch mode from multiple sources.
• utilize a single gateway for credit card transactions from the web, call center, direct mail, or even automatic recurring credit card donations. This single gateway makes for a fast, simple reconciliation process.
• BankWare can create ACH/EFT files for your bank for recurring donations withdrawn directly from the donor’s bank account.
No per-transaction Fees • donor.com charges no additional (per transaction) fees for this service - just one flat monthly fee.
Processing Options • Live Credit Card Processing: Want to be able to charge a credit card while your call center operator is still on the phone with the donor or customer? Using one of our supported payment gateway services, donor.com BankWare gives you fast response time – most authorizations are received in under 5 seconds. And if the card is declined, the operator can request another card, cancel the transaction, or put it on hold for later handling.
• Batch Credit Card Processing: Not all transactions need to be handled live – with Batch Credit Card Processing, your data entry operators can key credit card information into the system, and then throughout the day you can have the system "sweep" for uncharged cards, automatically charging, handling declines, and logging authorization codes.
Recurring Credit Card Donations • Recurring donations are a great way to ensure steady cash flow for your organization. For those donors who would like to give each month, (either to a project, a staff person, a sponsorship pledge, or even your general fund) a recurring credit card donation is a convenient way to donate.
•donor.com BankWare seamlessly integrates recurring donations with the general workflow and credit card processing systems, making recurring credit card donations as simple as a few keystrokes.
Recurring ACH/EFT Donations • Allows donors to have recurring donations drawn directly from their
checking account. donor.com BankWare can generate an ACH (Automated
Clearing House) EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) data file that you can
transmit to your bank. Your donor's account is automatically updated as
if one of your operators had entered the information, and, the funds
are already in your bank.
Easy Reconciliation • Simple Credit Card Reconciliation: reconciling credit card accounts can
be a nightmare, but donor.com BankWare simplifies this down to a simple
two step process: first reconcile donor.com BankWare with your payment processor using your processor's on-line account management tools.  This takes just minutes per day.  Later, reconcile your payment processor's records to your bank statement – simply and accurately.
Security Safe Secure Credit Card Handling: With donor.com's BankWare, your
transactions are safe. All network traffic is encrypted, all card
numbers are securely stored on servers safely behind our firewall.


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