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iPhone interface to DASCO

iDASCO for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad allows your executives and major donor reps on the road to easily find current, real-time information on their donors. Remote users can look up constituent accounts, check dashboard graphs, manage their caseloads, record notes, and run reports.
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Account Lookup

Find any constituent account in DASCO using simple searches like lastname, phone number, email, ZIP code or ID code.  Advanced Search allows combining several search parameters to narrow down the results.  Like all of the DASCO interfaces, the search results enforce the name and field level security relevant for each user.
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Account Viewer

The Account Viewer allows a remote user to view up-to-date realtime constituent information from DASCO.  All the same user and data level security that is enforced everywhere else in DASCO is also enforced here.  Remote users can see name, address, phone, email, giving history, supplemental notes, codes, flags, and much more.
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The Executive Dashboard allows remote users to see predefined charts and graphs that give meaningful realtime metrics for their organization's performance.
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Caseload Manager

The Caseload Manager allows a remote user to check on the constituents on their caseloads.  Users can manage multiple caseloads, such as major donors, volunteers, or churches.
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Report Viewer

The Report Viewer allows remote users to access the full suite of stock DASCO reports from your iPhone.
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